Some Things Can't Be Bought.

Not everything has a price ticket. It is usually the most important things in life that can't be bought.


Clearing Clutter

Clearing clutter is essential. A clear organised space is vital for peace of mind and flowing Chi.


All Paths Are Spiral

In the end, all roads lead back to the center.


Symbiotic Relationships

l guess we all need mutually beneficial relationships
We just don't realise it like flowers and butterflies do.


Triple Blessings

What can I say - those winged do gooders are everywhere!


Conversation Between Birds

She had finally accepted there were some things she would never fully understand.


Sometimes Fish Get Paranoid

. . . You know the feeling, everything starts to smells a bit fishy and what with all the red herrings and worry about Loan Sharks etc.


Advice To All Intergalactic Surfers

If you are intending to surf on other planets
be sure to check the gravity first.